Jasmine is a fellow Atlanta event planner (& mama!) and the co-founder of Crated. I’ve been eagerly anticipating the launch of her new venture and have had so much fun perusing all the crates (the Bollywood one is really calling my name). abc As someone who just threw an airplane themed 2nd birthday party and struggled tremendously to find party supplies without movie characters on it, I think the idea behind Crated is fantastic! Another thing I love, is that Crated has partnered… Read more »

When I first came across Natalie’s Instagram, I couldn’t stop swooning. Her work made me wish I was an artist. It’s amazing how a custom map, a coaster or a stamp can put a smile on your face and that it did. So, I was over the moon when she agreed to answer a few questions for us! Favorite project to date? Since a lot of the work I do is custom, I have lots of great stories to choose from!… Read more »

We are having some long (4th of July) weekend withdrawals over here, so I sat down with Lindsey, luxury travel consultant and owner of Epperly Travel (she’s one of the “top 30 agents under 30” worldwide and just the sweetest!) to chat and get some insight into where we should explore next…   ✈ Most popular destination trend in the last year (honeymoon and non-honeymoon)? Most popular honeymoon destination is almost always somewhere in the Caribbean – especially St. Lucia. It’s far enough… Read more »

abc Society 414 is a “cure for the common date night”. abc The best part is that “you will not know what to expect other than the time, date and a single clue. Before the event, you will be given a series of additional clues including the dress code. The location is revealed 41 hours before the event”. All dates include the following four elements: abc Secret Location Styled Environment Inspired Cuisine Entertainment Experience abc From a Glamping Date Night (one… Read more »

I had the pleasure of meeting Morgan Hungerford West a few weeks ago, through a mutual friend (also a talented artist) and I’ve been looking forward to introducing her to you ever since! abc Wait until you see her “handmade, one-of-a-kind, vintage lace teepees,” that she designs for BHLDN (Anthropologie’s sister brand), they are truly dreamy. abc ► You do so much and are so talented, when people ask you what you do for a living, what do you say? Describing what I do… Read more »