A few weeks ago, we celebrated our daughter’s 3rd party with a donut party! She was very involved with the planning for the first time, so I cannot take all the credit. We had it at Morgan Falls, which is a stunning park, on a lake, in Sandy Springs, which allows for pavilion rentals and has a playground. Sadly, the weather did not cooperate (it was 38°F!) but we made the best of it and still had a sweet day. The… Read more »

Our daughter’s first birthday was this month and the idea was to have a simple BBQ outside with our family and closest friends. However, when the forecast showed 100% chance of rain, it was time to think of a plan B —> so, the idea of an “indoor picnic/farmers market” celebration was born. Below is some of my inspiration and (following in the footsteps of Swell Forever’s “Simple First Birthday” learning points) some tips that will hopefully come in handy! You can pre-order… Read more »