Jeffrey proposed to Nicole on a gondola in Venice, Italy and the magic definitely did not stop there. Their beautiful wedding took place at Callanwolde and was full of personal touches – their brother-in-law married them, a ‘tree planting ceremony’, their sister-in-law’s performed during their first dance, cultural food stations (which included their favorite sauces and dressing!), Georgia Peach Cobbler Jam as favors, mini Coca Cola bottles as escort cards, among many others. You might have already caught a sneak… Read more »

abc Society 414 is a “cure for the common date night”. abc The best part is that “you will not know what to expect other than the time, date and a single clue. Before the event, you will be given a series of additional clues including the dress code. The location is revealed 41 hours before the event”. All dates include the following four elements: abc Secret Location Styled Environment Inspired Cuisine Entertainment Experience abc From a Glamping Date Night (one… Read more »

Recently, I shared that Events by Sofia was moving to Atlanta, GA and here we are! The last 3 weeks since we moved, have been a whirlwind, but we are slowly getting settled. One of the main reasons for the move was to be near family, so while I do miss DC (especially our friends…) it’s been extremely nice to live near loved ones. I will definitely continue event planning here in Atlanta and I’m excited to start discovering new vendors,… Read more »