Society 414 is a “cure for the common date night”.
The best part is that “you will not know what to expect other than the time, date and a single clue. Before the event, you will be given a series of additional clues including the dress code. The location is revealed 41 hours before the event”. All dates include the following four elements:
Secret Location
Styled Environment
Inspired Cuisine
Entertainment Experience
From a Glamping Date Night (one of the sponsors was REI!), involving games like “Bear Bag, Knot Relay and Pitch a Tent” to a four course wine tasting dinner on Valentine’s Day, all dates are completely different and surprises are definitely not lacking. Michelle, one of the four founders, was kind enough to answer a couple of our questions:
♥ How did you come up with the idea for Society 414?
As a wedding and event planner, I’m always looking for unique ways to be creative. Having been married for 15+ years, I knew there was a need for unique ideas for date night. So starting Society 414 was a great way to combine my love for creative events and collaborate with my husband on creating date night events for couples married and dating.
♥ What is the meaning behind the name Society 414?
We launched the company on April 14th thus the 4-14.
♥ Favorite event so far?
It’s so hard to choose! I love each event for different reasons and every event becomes my favorite. Our last event was on Valentine’s Day and it was incredible to have something fun and intimate to do on a special day, that allowed us to be together along with an eclectic group of couples. Each event we meet new people that feel like old friends by the end of the night.
♥ If you could curate a date anywhere in the world, where would it be and what would it entail?
Hmm. I love to travel and one place I haven’t been with my husband yet is Paris. It’s a beautiful city filled with scenic parks and great food. I would probably spend the date strolling the city and eating along the way.
♥ Worst date you have ever been on?
After being married for so long it’s hard to remember my past dating life! But anything that would involve not having a connection with the person would be the worse!
Thanks again Michelle, such a fun idea!

Our daughter’s first birthday was this month and the idea was to have a simple BBQ outside with our family and closest friends. However, when the forecast showed 100% chance of rain, it was time to think of a plan B —> so, the idea of an “indoor picnic/farmers market” celebration was born.

Below is some of my inspiration and (following in the footsteps of Swell Forever’s “Simple First Birthday” learning points) some tips that will hopefully come in handy!

PicMonkey Collag PicMonkey Collage2 PicMonkey Collage3

*For more ideas, visit my Pinterest board.


Photos: Flowers / Macarons / Veggies / Cake / Corn / Utensils / Drinks / SignageKettle Corn

Calling all event professionals (florists, calligraphers, DJs, photographers, etc) – join me for our first meetup, where we can exchange ideas, build a local network and have a drink!


“I am happy each day I’m near you; when you’re around me, I’m fine. Now that I’ve said how I like you, will you be my Valentine?” Karl and Joanna Fuchs

Now that I have a daughter I can’t wait to make sweet treats for her and her friends on Valentine’s Day. However, we still need to learn how to you know…walk and talk.

In the mean time, some easy and cute ideas for your kids, adult friends that act like kids or your inner child!


Photos: Straws / Pencils / Bugs / Kool / Flowers / Fish / Coins / Gummy Bear / Rulers / Orange

“Marry me, today and every day, marry me” – Train

Kathy and Carl’s wedding was recently featured in Style Me Pretty and it’s safe to say we were all incredibly excited.

Their wedding will always be very dear to my heart for a number of reasons. First of all, they were Events by Sofia’s first client. Coincidentally, it was also my last wedding in the Washington, DC area before moving to Atlanta, GA.

Every detail of their day had a special purpose – the live painter, the gold horses, the Celtic Irish tradition of hand-fasting during their vows, the bible verses in Spanish, the vintage furniture, the cigar lounge, the gelato at the end of the evening…and it all came together beautifully.

Fun fact: As if planning a wedding and working full time wasn’t enough, Carl and Kathy also launched a non-profit organization, providing educational training and materials to young girls living in extreme poverty in Kenya, during our planning process! Truly amazing.

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Photography by: Laura Gordon