“And I know that I can’t ever tell you enough
That all I need in this life is your crazy love
If I never get to see the Northern lights
Or if I never get to see the Eiffel Tower at night
Oh if all I got is your hand in my hand
Baby I could die a happy man
A happy man, baby, hmm” – Thomas Rhett


I met Emily through Amanda, whose wedding you might remember from my last blog post. I’m so grateful when clients refer me to their friends, I love having that common connection and they were both the sweetest (and most organized) brides.

Emily and Bill met through mutual friends and it was his “clean apartment…and late night snacks” that really caught her attention.

Their Jewish wedding ceremony took place outdoors, the backdrop – a nature conservation area and a beautiful chuppah built by Bill’s family. The rest of the evening was full of love, laughter and cannoli cake!



DSC_6651 DSC_7654





Venue – Hyatt Regency Atlanta Perimeter at Villa Christina 

Photographer – Over Here Photography  

Officiant – Congregation B’nai Israel (Rabbi Rick Harkavy)

Florist – Rhapsody in Blooms

DJ and Uplighting – EEP Events (James Economos)

Hair and Makeup – Bombshell Creations (Aubree Kimmons and Amber Longo)

Photobooth – Stop The Time Photobooth

Cake – Zukerino Pastry Shop

*Thank you Joseph for the lovely images!

Amanda and Lee’s wedding was such a dream! From the weather, to the vendor team, to their sweet families…it was a perfect day. All of the wedding festivities took place on the terraces, by the Japanese zen garden, overlooking a 30-foot waterfall, in the middle of Buckhead, need I say more? Also, how fun is their last name (Peacock)?!

A little history – the couple met in Piedmont Park when they were “randomly assigned to the same co-ed softball team…they’ve been smitten with each other ever since.” I’m excited to share some photos (thanks Kelli!) and their video if you want to take a peek.




Venue: Grand Hyatt Atlanta in Buckhead

Officiant: Get Wed by Ed

Photographer: Sweet Life ATL Photography (Kelli Bell)

DJ: Black Tie Events (Brett)

Florist: Peachtree Flowers (Don Chestnut)

Videographer: Zach Veatch Videographer

Hair/makeup: Bombshell Creations

Cake: Confection Perfection

Cake topper: Paper Daisies Stationery


Zqff5ZMhTPuZyKIVkMDs_CRATEDPrincessParty6Jasmine is a fellow Atlanta event planner (& mama!) and the co-founder of Crated. I’ve been eagerly anticipating the launch of her new venture and have had so much fun perusing all the crates (the Bollywood one is really calling my name).
As someone who just threw an airplane themed 2nd birthday party and struggled tremendously to find party supplies without movie characters on it, I think the idea behind Crated is fantastic! Another thing I love, is that Crated has partnered with Birthday Wishes, an organization that provides birthday parties to children experiencing homelessness.
Can you remember the exact moment when you came up with Crated? What exactly prompted the original idea? Having planned many parties over the last 5-6 years, I’d always felt a gap in the market for modern, chic, minimal, stylish party supplies, especially for kids’ parties! I would spend quite a bit of time sourcing items from different stores to make a theme come to life for my clients, and for my own kids. As Yana and myself were working on details for her son’s LEGO party, she was quite surprised with the amount of time and effort it took to source party supplies that didn’t have a million patterns and characters all over them. Being a busy corporate mom, she thought it would be so helpful to have a one-stop-shop with one-click-shopping. And that’s how CRATED™ was born!
Where do you and Yana find your day to day inspiration? From each other! Yana is a financial mastermind, her keen sense of business inspires me to sharpen my design skills to their very best. Together, we are thrilled to bring the convenience of shopping for stylish & simplified celebrations from wherever you are, with a single click. No spending hours trying to coordinate british_london_future_royalty_first_birthday_prince_partynapkins with plates, we’ve already done that for you!
Which has been the most popular crate so far? Our “Pink & Gold” kids’ crate has been a crowd favorite, along with the “Future Royalty” London-themed crated (left), which is a personal favorite of ours too. So excited we’re not the only ones!
Do you have any other crates in the works? We have an ongoing list of popular themes we’d love to introduce in the next season, and we’re also saving all suggestions being made on social media and otherwise. Keep ’em coming party lovers!
If you could offer one piece of advice to someone planning a party, what would it be? Take the stress out trying to find the perfect party supplies online or otherwise, only to be disappointed with the quality or style, instead spend that precious time with the person you’re celebrating… whether its your child, your spouse, your sister or your best friend! Our party crates come fully coordinated with EVERYTHING you could possibly need to set up a beautiful party in no time at all. And we hold your hand all the way by providing a digital guide on exactly HOW to set up your CRATED™ party!
Thank you again Jasmine, I wish you guys much continued success!

“Fill my heart with song and
Let me sing for ever more
You are all I long for
All I worship and adore…”

– Frank Sinatra

Gus & Ligia got married at the Cornelia Community House on a beautiful fall day. They met in college (Gus was Ligia’s mom’s personal trainer!) and got engaged in New Orleans on New Year’s Eve. Their love for each other, as well as their friends and family was undeniable.

View More: http://tulleandgrace.pass.us/lgwed

View More: http://tulleandgrace.pass.us/lgwed

View More: http://tulleandgrace.pass.us/lgwed

View More: http://tulleandgrace.pass.us/lgwed

View More: http://tulleandgrace.pass.us/lgwed

View More: http://tulleandgrace.pass.us/lgwed

View More: http://tulleandgrace.pass.us/lgwed

View More: http://tulleandgrace.pass.us/lgwed

View More: http://tulleandgrace.pass.us/lgwed


It was such a pleasure working with this amazing team of vendors!

Church: Grace-Calvary Episcopal Church

Photographer: Tulle & Grace

Florist: Z Grant Floral Studio

Cakes: Karen Portaleo /  Angel Rushing

DJ: Nice Entertainment

Rentals: Goodwin Events

When I first came across Natalie’s Instagram, I couldn’t stop swooning. Her work made me wish I was an artist. It’s amazing how a custom map, a coaster or a stamp can put a smile on your face and that it did. So, I was over the moon when she agreed to answer a few questions for us!


Favorite project to date? Since a lot of the work I do is custom, I have lots of great stories to choose from! A recent favorite is a girl who contacted me to make a custom map of Ireland, outlining all the places she and her husband were going to see on a big trip the coming year. Except, the husband didn’t know they were taking a big trip — his wife had planned it as a surprise. The artwork I created, outlining their trip of the island with various markers, illustrated landmarks and travel details would be the visual she’d use to surprise him. She hasn’t given it to him just yet, and I can’t wait to hear how it goes over

If you could create any custom map right now (that you’ve never done before), what city would you choose? I’ve always been interested in learning more about Japan — that’s once place I haven’t mapped out and drawn before.

Tell us about the process in choosing what historic landmarks to include in a skyline? I tend to ask friends and family who are familiar with certain areas what their top 5 landmarks of a particular city would be, and then I compare notes to see what would make the best “skyline.” If I don’t know anyone who’s familiar with a certain place, good old fashioned Google paired with a little research usually works well

Most popular item in your Etsy shop? My custom maps and New Orleans items seem to be the most popular right now — everyone who lives in New Orleans is very passionate about their city, and they love having items that show off what makes New Orleans special!

Where do you find inspiration for your work? Many of my products are inspired by travel, nostalgia and “home.” I love exploring and discovering new places and finding out what makes a place unique — landmarks, history, restaurants, bars and shops. Learning about a new place is one of my favorite things to do!

When did you first realize you wanted to be a full-time artist/designer? I always dreamed of owning my own business, but I didn’t consider it very seriously until I lost my advertising job before the holidays in 2009. Losing a steady paycheck was the push I needed to try and make a business of my own happen. I started out very slowly at first, not taking too many financial risks. I worked out of my home, opened an Etsy account, and started selling a few of my notecard sets online. My business really started to pick up when I added custom artwork to my Etsy site, like house portraits, pet portraits and custom maps. Thankfully, as orders started coming in more steadily, I didn’t need to continue looking for a 9-5 day job anymore. As time went on and I made more money, I slowly started investing into my business and bought new equipment, new printers and better art supplies. I grow every year, slowly but surely — greatly thanks to the support of my family and customers!

Favorite 3 places in Athens, GA? Ohhh, that’s a tough one. Athens has SO many gems, but if I had to choose, my 3 current favorites are

  • Treehouse Kid & Craft: A whimsical toy store that also serves as a place for adults and kids to create.
  • Broad 9A and the Broad Collective: An innovative co-working office solution for artists, makers, entrepreneurs, and mobile professionals in a beautifully restored warehouse. Archie’s having his 1st birthday there in December!
  • The World Famous: A bar and restaurant with awesome cocktails, delicious menu (chicken waffle sandwich — yep) and a cool environment.
PicMonkey Collage
Photos: Kaitie Bryant (top & Natalie) // Natalie Kilgore (bottom)