“Marry me, today and every day, marry me” – Train

Kathy and Carl’s wedding was recently featured in Style Me Pretty and it’s safe to say we were all incredibly excited.

Their wedding will always be very dear to my heart for a number of reasons. First of all, they were Events by Sofia’s first client. Coincidentally, it was also my last wedding in the Washington, DC area before moving to Atlanta, GA.

Every detail of their day had a special purpose – the live painter, the gold horses, the Celtic Irish tradition of hand-fasting during their vows, the bible verses in Spanish, the vintage furniture, the cigar lounge, the gelato at the end of the evening…and it all came together beautifully.

Fun fact: As if planning a wedding and working full time wasn’t enough, Carl and Kathy also launched a non-profit organization, providing educational training and materials to young girls living in extreme poverty in Kenya, during our planning process! Truly amazing.

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Photography by: Laura Gordon

Cookies + friends? Yes, please.

I’ve been invited to my very first cookie exchange (aka cookie swap) and according to my friend Martha Stewart, this is what will be happening…

“Simplify your holiday baking by hosting a cookie swap. Invite a group of friends, and have each person make enough of one kind of cookie to share. At the party, sample the treats, then trade and package them in appealing assortments. Everyone leaves with finished gifts — and plenty of new recipes.”

Truth be told, I only know how to make these cookies, so maybe this is the perfect opportunity to expand my repertoire. Until then, a few extra ideas to sweeten the evening just a tad more. I cannot get over these Dominique Ansel “cookie shots“!



Photos: Cookie Shots (Dominique Ansel) / Cookie Cutter Thank You’s (Carolina Charm) / Spatula Invitation (Babble) / Decorations (Babble) / Bubble Bath Party Favor (Philosophy

There is something so exciting about “building” your own food, especially when you have an array of delicious toppings readily available. Ever since reading about this mouth-watering, Halloween Soup Bar, I’ve been dreaming of food bars!


What I love is that something like this would be a hit anywhere and anytime. It works for a full-blown event or a simple dinner party at home. Plus, everyone gets to pick and choose what they like. Move over taco bars, you’ve got some competition…

Grilled Cheese Bar – 


Pancake Bar – 


Baked Potato Bar – 


S’mores Station -


Juice Bar – 

890a0543juicershoot_millie$!400xBiscuit Bar -


Sip & See or Sip ‘n’ See – “a party held after the baby is born, which allows friends and family to come by and ‘sip” on a drink and ‘see’ the new bundle of joy.”

Inspired by designer Emily Henderson’s ‘Scandinavian Strongman’ party, I decided to do a litte sippin’ and seein’ (from my computer)…

When my daughter was born, several of our friends were kind enough to bring us dinner (was amazing, so grateful!) so they met her then, but if we hadn’t done that, this would have been a great alternative. Or if you don’t get around to having a baby shower, this can be another way to celebrate! You can really make it as simple or extravagant as you want, perhaps depending on the amount of sleep you are getting around that time (sigh).






sip and see






Photos: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

atlantaskylineRecently, I shared that Events by Sofia was moving to Atlanta, GA and here we are!

The last 3 weeks since we moved, have been a whirlwind, but we are slowly getting settled. One of the main reasons for the move was to be near family, so while I do miss DC (especially our friends…) it’s been extremely nice to live near loved ones.

I will definitely continue event planning here in Atlanta and I’m excited to start discovering new vendors, venues (I just found out you can get married at the Aquarium!) and meeting new people. If you have any suggestions and/or advice, please let me know!

Fact: There are more than 65 streets with the word Peachtree in Atlanta!

Atlanta skyline poster: Etsy