Swimming has been on our mind for weeks now and we wish we didn’t have to wait until Memorial Day to jump in… In the mean time, I’ve been gearing up to throw a pool party “meet & greet” in our new neighborhood (the Nextdoor app has been really useful to plan and spread the word). Here is my current little cheat sheet: Food (preferably nothing too heavy) Drinks (plenty of water) Ice! Music (some song ideas) Pool toys /… Read more »

abc Society 414 is a “cure for the common date night”. abc The best part is that “you will not know what to expect other than the time, date and a single clue. Before the event, you will be given a series of additional clues including the dress code. The location is revealed 41 hours before the event”. All dates include the following four elements: abc Secret Location Styled Environment Inspired Cuisine Entertainment Experience abc From a Glamping Date Night (one… Read more »

Our daughter’s first birthday was this month and the idea was to have a simple BBQ outside with our family and closest friends. However, when the forecast showed 100% chance of rain, it was time to think of a plan B —> so, the idea of an “indoor picnic/farmers market” celebration was born. Below is some of my inspiration and (following in the footsteps of Swell Forever’s “Simple First Birthday” learning points) some tips that will hopefully come in handy! You can pre-order… Read more »

Calling all event professionals (florists, calligraphers, DJs, photographers, etc) – join me for our first meetup, where we can exchange ideas, build a local network and have a drink!

“I am happy each day I’m near you; when you’re around me, I’m fine. Now that I’ve said how I like you, will you be my Valentine?” – Karl and Joanna Fuchs Now that I have a daughter I can’t wait to make sweet treats for her and her friends on Valentine’s Day. However, we still need to learn how to you know…walk and talk. In the mean time, some easy and cute ideas for your kids, adult friends that act like kids… Read more »